The Screaming Pope Prize for Visual Art

The Winner of the Screaming Pope Prize 2015

The Winner of the 2015 Screaming Pope Prize was Lorraine McDonnell

Artist’s CV


Born 1982 Co. Galway.


Lorraine moved to Cork in 2001 to study at the Crawford College of Art & Design, graduating in 2005 with a B.A Hons in Fine Art. 

Since then she has worked in various studios around Cork city and moved into Camden Palace Hotel in 2012 - this is where she is currently based.


Lorraine works primarily with acrylic on canvas and in the past year has taken to airbrushing with acrylic ink.  With the addition of the airbrush, her working method now combines stenciling, painting and free hand airbrushing to create her pieces. 


The majority of subject matter in Lorraine’s work stems from her interest in human and animal anatomy - in particular the challenge of capturing how light plays on the surface of flesh. These human and animal forms are dissected, fragmented and distorted and form the basis of her painting compositions. 


Lorraine considers each painting an experiment and a lesson in developing painting technique. During the creative process artworks consciously and subconsciously take on their own narratives - unfolding re-occurring themes such as life and death, dystopia, mental illness, the grotesque and personal experiences with the darker side of life.



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