The Screaming Pope Prize for Visual Art

The Winner of the Screaming Pope Prize 2014

The Winner of the 2014 Screaming Pope Prize was Girts Balodis

Artist’s CV


Girts Balodis is originally from Latvia where he studied painting in the Latvian State Art Academy till 2003 when he moved to Ireland. He has lived in Ireland since. From 2008-2010 Girts took part in group exhibitions in Galway’s “White Room Gallery” while studying.

Girts Balodis 2014 Screaming Pope Prize Winner

In 2011 he obtained a BA (Hons) degree in painting from GMIT and in 2012 he Graduated from Limerick School of Art & Design with an MA in Social Practice and the Creative Environment. Numerous paintings of his have been sold to private collections during this time in Ireland and abroad. In 2014 Girts was the inaugural Winner of the Screaming Pope Prize 2014.



"I enjoyed the festival immensely, as I did last year also, but this year it was bigger and it was amazing experience- the energy that was created by organisators and artists and its exchange with the public and hospitality gave unique experience to those involved. Everybody is a winner who put in hard work and love for art and people."


Artist’s Statement


Painting is my search for ways to show the spiritual, ethereal things through surface that must embody more than what is seen with an eye. Meditation through the process of painting produces an evidence of search for spiritual image of a human being. Experimenting with found materials and paint in attempt to depict immaterial things- human being as body and spirit- tangible and intangible matter. Using earth as a material for painting with symbolic meaning of human as a creation, its corruptible character and transcendence of human.

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