The Screaming Pope Prize for Visual Art

Finalists of the 2015 Screaming Pope Prize

Laura Poff 

Laura Poff's currently a 4th year student at Limerick school of Art and Design, her work explores gestural, repetitive and obsessive mark making techniques to create abstracted forms. She's attracted to repetitive methods of art making because it effectively conveys rhythm and duration, such processes also become meditative. The accumulation of abstracted arrangements which are created in her work are unintentional, however recognisable images often appear. Poff believes that the processes involved in creating her artwork are just as important as the end product.


The trans-formative nature of materials is also present in Poff's work. Her work becomes subjective to the viewer’s perception.


The use of dots often appears in her work. The beginning of any visual symbol is the dot or point. Before anything else can be created, a dot must be made. The dot is a symbol of the self and beginning. It is also an illustration of the act of creation, because the creation of the dot itself is the act of creating something in a space which previously contained nothing.